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Kisumu is a leading commercial, industrial and fishing centre. Fishing dominates the town’s view, with fishermen’s boats on the lake beaches, modern fish processing plants, informal drying sites, numerous fish markets and stalls. The fish industry has good economic potential but workers remain poor. Half of the population of Kisumu lives in absolute poverty and doesn’t manage to get enough food.
Fish is the main staple food in the region.
Several methods of fishing are practiced in Lake Victoria.  Small fish are caught in shallow waterusing baited hand lines, round throw-nets, barrier or basket traps made from reeds, or lighted fishtraps set at night.
Fishing is curtailed while transport and trade have been inhibited by the infamous aquatic weed called Water Hyacinth that is characterized by its broad green leaves and purple flowers. Fishing can also be done for leisure. It helps in relaxing and can be used to improve social relationships.