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Kogelo  has variety of transport services.
Kisumu Airport currently handles seven scheduled airlines operating between Kisumu – Nairobi, Kisumu – Eldoret – Nairobi, and Kisumu – Entebbe routes. These airlines are Kenya Airways, East African Safari Express, Jet link, Executive Turbine, Lake Vic. Aviation, and Fly 540 Aviation. It is classified as class II serving both domestic and international routes on scheduled and non-scheduled basis. There are plans to expand the airport in anticipation of increased trade brought about by the recreated East African Community of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Kisumu was a landing point on the British flying boat passenger and mail route from Southampton to Cape Town. Kisumu linked Port Bell and Nairobi.
Most buses, matatus (minibuses), and taxis to various destinations in Kenya leave from the large bus and matatu stations north of the main market. Nairobi is 6 hours from Kisumu and a matatu ride will cost you KSh550. Taxis cost about 25 percent more than matatus. Akamba and Easy Coach are the two main bus services in Kisumu. Akamba has daily buses to Nairobi for KSh500 a ticket and takes 7 hours.