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KOGELO is a typical African village located off the busy Kisumu-Busia Highway, which connects western Kenya to Uganda. It is about 60 miles west of Kisumu, a city of 2 million people who live on the shores of Lake Victoria.
Kogelo rose to fame as the village in which President Barack Obama's father and family hails from . Obama’s father who is a Luo from Kenya married a Hawaiian woman from Kansas who gave birth to Barack Obama.
His grandmother, Sarah Onyango Obama still lives in Kogelo Many families live on a less than a dollar a week. The rate of poverty is on the rise as the population increases. At the entrance, you find policemen guarding the homestead of "Mama Sarah" who is Obama's 86-year-old grandmother.
Plans are underway to develop Kogelo Cultural Centre in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030 development blueprint, which endeavors to make Kenya among the best tourist destinations in the world.